Welcome Sun Amulet Sterling Silver ot 14KT Gold and Fossil Ivory

Welcome Sun Amulet Sterling Silver ot 14KT Gold and Fossil Ivory

Welcome Sun Amulet Sterling Silver ot 14KT Gold and Fossil Ivory
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Sterling Silver $86.50
14KT Yellow Gold $386.50

"That is such a forgiving time. When that first cold, bright streak comes over the water, it's as if all our sins were pardoned; as if the sky leaned over the earth and kissed it and gave it absolution."
To welcome the sun's first appearance on the horizon signaling the end of a long winter, Bering Sea native Americabs flipped back their parka hoods, threw off their gloves, and clapped their hands to insure a full year of good luck! This pendant's sun sprays its sunlight while it rises over shining sterling silver or 14KT yellow gold spheres. You'll want to clap your hands, too, every time you put on this piece! 1 1/2 inches high. Shown with gray crystalline with black edges.

Please notice the inset! The back of the pendant is decorated with a raised scallop shell!

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

14KT solid yellow gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.

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These are our regular Scrimshaw Design Etchings. In addition to these designs, as an added option, you may send us a picture of your choice for a commission price quote.

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Fossil Ivory Color Charts

Below are the available colors of our fossil ivories. Our high quality fossilized ivories have been reclaimed from the ground after sharing the earth for up to 30 millennia! Even after all this time, Fossil Ivory remains warm and sensuous organic ivory; it is not petrified. It has developed its beautiful colors by taking up minerals from the earth and these colors are impossible to match in any contemporary ivories by modern processes.

Fossil Ivory Color Chart Limited Availability Fossile Walrus Ivory Colors Fossil Walrus Bark Ivories
We have the largest selection of fossil ivories anywhere! Highest Quality - Handmade in our studio and satisfaction guaranteed Personalize most items at no extra charge! We can do commissioned pieces.
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