Tsimshian Talisman V With Opal

Tsimshian Talisman V With Opal

Tsimshian Talisman V With Opal
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"I love the evening star. I used to go into the backyard, after sunset, and wait until it shone above the dark gum tree. Just in that first moment it seemed to be shining for me alone."
The early Tsimshian Native North American peoples extended their lands far inland in British Columbia, in addition to their seacoast lands. Although the Amulets and Talismans of very old Tsimshian cultures reflect the spiritual needs of both a seafaring and hunting people, many worn objects were made to invoke the help of the powerful spirits who inhabited the earth.

The design of our powerful Talisman V is inspired by a 3000 year old Tsimshian Talisman we dug on an island just off the Pacific coast of British Columbia in 1972. The Talisman was made from a piece of Fossil Walrus Ivory. Inlaid into it near the center was a piece of abalone - Clearly representing something unusual - Perhaps a volcano. Our Tsimshian Talisman V is made with a 3600 year old piece of brilliant and unusual mocha color Fossil Walrus Ivory with white burl intrusion. The sides are surrounded by a border of dark brown.

The abalone that was part of the original Talisman has been replaced by one of our beautiful bright blue/green opals.

Our Talisman is 3/4 inches high, 3/4 inch wide. It is complemented by a bold Sterling silver chain.

Our Tsimshian Talisman V gives the feeling that you are looking directly into the soul of the earth! It will remind you that many great things are going on deep within the earth while we live on the surface. Everywhere you wear this interesting piece you'll spark interest!

This is a one-of-a-kind Talisman.

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