Scrimshaw Wind Witch and Dolphin Talisman

Scrimshaw Wind Witch and Dolphin Talisman

Scrimshaw Wind Witch and Dolphin Talisman
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Product Description

"The wind is like a great bird tumbling over the sea with bright flashing wings."
Sailors have always believed in myths. They wore many Talismans to ensure that their voyages were safe and successful. Two of the oldest beliefs of seamen are that wild winds can be pacified by a witch, and the sight of dolphins brings fresh breezes and good luck.

Our Wind Witch and Dolphin Talisman has both a mother and a baby dolphin leaping over the sea. They are in high relief against a rectangular Sterling Silver background. A piece of 2500 year old Fossil Walrus Ivory, worn down only by nature into the unmistakable shape of an old witch in a hood and long skirt carrying a bag of wind on her back, is set on an axis. The witch is free for you to rotate while you wear this Talisman. 1 1/2 inch high, 1 1/4 inch wide. Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

A really unique gift for the nautically inclined.

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