Gallery "HM Bark Endeavour" Scrimshaw Sperm Whales Tooth

Gallery "HM Bark Endeavour" Scrimshaw Sperm Whales Tooth

This is a guaranteed real Sperm Whale tooth that is registered with the Department of Commerce as number 21-0230-0007. It weighs 200.1 grams.

"HM Bark Endeavour" was the ship chosen by Captain Cook to take him on his famous voyage of exploration. She was built in 1764 as the coal carrier "Earl of Pembroke." She displaced about 550 tons, was 110 feet long and had a beam of 30 feet.

The first of Cook's three famous voyages was in the Endeavour. She carried over 94 crew, a goat and 2 dogs. The voyage lasted from 1768 to 1771. Cook's personal goal was to go 'farther than any man has been before me,... as far as I think it possible for man to go."

The original intention was to organize a scientific voyage to observe the transit of the planet Venus from Tahiti. To this mission was added instructions to search for the great southern continent, Terra Australis Incognita, whose location had baffled European navigators and cartographers. During this voyage, the Endeavour charted most of the coastline of Australia, and even struck the Great Barrier Reef off northeastern Australia.

This Sperm Whale's tooth signed by M.M. Cohen is completely polished on both sides. On the front is a detailed etching of the Endeavour in light color. On the back side is a banner with her name. (Just click on the picture for a larger view.)

This fine tooth is 5 inches long, and 1 3/4 inches wide at the base. Comes complete with a hand-turned bocote stand. The tooth on its stand is 7 3/4 inches high. A classic selection to add to any scrimshaw collection. prizes.

A unique piece - Of course, only one is available and it comes with its own Registration Certificate!
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