Gallery "Quiet Courage - Rosa Parks" Scrimshaw Sperm Whale's Tooth

Gallery "Quiet Courage - Rosa Parks" Scrimshaw Sperm Whale's Tooth

Registered with Department of Commerce.

In 2005 we lost a true heroine - Rosa Parks, the mother of the modern civil rights movement. In December 1955 she chose to go to jail before she would give up her seat on a bus to a white man. (I wonder what ever happened to him.)

It wasn't that she was very tired after her day's work as a seamstress - She was tired of the injustices rampant in the south. When she gave up her seat, she did not know that Martin Luther King would come to Montgomery Alabama and stage a 381-day boycott of the bus system, or that a year later there would be a Supreme Court ruling desgregating transportation systems, or that the 1964 Civil Rights Act would desegregate all public accomodations nationwide. She counted on no one except herself. That took true courage.

This registered tooth is 4 3/4 inches around its curve, and weighs 123.3 grams. Mrs. Parks' portrait is done in stippled technique with just a hint of color. The bottom of the tooth is left natural, allowing you to pick it up and feel the roughness of the original surface. On the back is etched "Rosa Parks 1913-2005" (Please see inset.) This wonderful tooth will grace any collection. It is signed and etched by M. M. Cohen. It comes complete with a wooden stand made to order.

A marvelous piece sure to lend grace to any collection - Of course, only one is available.

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