Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth Schooner "Pet" Gallery

Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth Schooner "Pet"  Gallery

Registered - U.S. Department of Commerce

This high quality Sperm Whale's Tooth measures 4 1/2 inches around the convex side from tip-to-base, 1 1/2 inches wide, and is beautifully curved. The tooth weighs 111 grams. On the front side is scrimshawed a portrait of the Schooner "Pet." Schooner "Pet" was built in Scotland in 1876. She was a very heavily built trading/fishing vessel. (Evidenced also by the 4 shrouds on her mainmast, rather than only 3.) She was wrecked near Wick in the winter of 1931.

On the other side is etched her name and the year in which she was built. (Shown in the inset are both sides of the tooth.)

The tooth itself is a rarity: The tooth tip has been worn round, probably by rubbing against an unprojecting tooth in the upper jaw. A carefully etched, quality piece which will be appreciated by any collector.

This piece comes complete with the turned walnut stand shown in the photo. This is, of course, a one-of-a-kind piece.
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