Koryak Shaman Woman's Talisman

Koryak Shaman Woman's Talisman

Koryak Shaman Woman's Talisman
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Three Initials Stamped on Back ($12.00):
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Sterling Silver

"There is no medicine man without medicine woman...It has always been that way."
The Koryak have inhabited the northern portions of the Kamchatka Peninsula of Northeastern Siberia for at least 20000 years. Because this peninsula separates the Sea of Okhotsk from the Bering Sea, it was natural for the Koryak to become a primarily maritime culture. Through maritime contact, much of their culture influenced the Native American cultures of Southeastern Alaska and Northwestern Canada.

Our Koryak Shaman Woman's Two Ivories Talisman is our best reflection of a most provocative artifact found alongside a woman shaman who was buried approximately 4000 years ago. The ancient artifact is thought to be as-found two-color ivory in the shape of an early stone pounder, probably for pounding hides to make them pliable and ready for sewing, as well as for breaking open grains and nuts. It probably became part of the shaman's talismanic collection because it's natural shape represented a very valuable tool which helped provide both warmth and sustenance.

We knew that we had to use two completely separate ivories to be true to the original talisman. Our most striking design marries 20,000-year old Light Tan Fossil Mammoth Ivory for the vertical handle and 4000-year old Fossil Walrus Ivory for the pounding-head. The Fossil Walrus is a beautiful (and rare) freeform piece of Black-Bordered Orange and Tan Crystalline Ivory. Each piece is fully backed and bezeled, and they are separated by three small (offset from center) Sterling Silver spheres. The bottom piece includes a small curb around its bezel.Together both pieces form a beautiful and powerful statement of your respect for those parts of your life that provide you with both sustenance and warmth. Our Two-Ivories Talisman will make you feel both warm and secure. Further personalize your Koryak Shaman Woman's Talisman by adding three initials on the back at a small extra charge. It certainly will evoke many compliments wherever you wear it and explain what it means. A little extra - A warm rising sun is hand-chased on the back - You can keep it your own secret. 1 7/8 inch high, 1 1/8 inch wide.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

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