Koniaq Happiness Talisman With Opal

Koniaq Happiness Talisman With Opal

Koniaq Happiness Talisman With Opal
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Sterling Silver With Opal - $145.00
14KT Solid Yellow Gold - $485.00

"Getting what you go after is success; but liking it while you are getting it is happiness."
The Koniaq have lived on Kodiak Island for thousands of years. Their subsistence has been easier than peoples from more northern latitudes because the climate in southeastern Alaska is tempered by the ocean. They dealt mainly with cold rain, sleet, and some snow. They fished and hunted sea mammals from kayaks on the water, rather than through ice. This left them time for more elaborate storytelling and even time to produce plays. Yes, the Koniaq have been producing plays - complete with masks - for hundreds of years. In fact, in 1842, a Russian explorer watched a Koniaq six-act mystery play in which a mask representing 'happiness' was used. This long mask had its origins deep in the Koniaq's pre-history. When you put the mask on, you became a "happy person."

We have wonderful pictures of this mask and, of course, we had to produce our own "Koniaq Happiness Talisman" based on it. The Sterling Silver hoop, feather, bangle and cross pieces represent reaching the stars and heavens, under which we must look for happiness. The central "board" is carefully textured and overlayed with three "happiness ladders." They all rise above a three-color-banded piece of Fossil Walrus Ivory. We added one of our superb bright blue/green opals to complete the sky theme. 2 inches high and 1 inch wide.

This Talisman will not only make you smile every time you wear it, it will also help you to smile when you only think about wearing it!

Also available in 14 KT Solid Yellow Gold.

As always, completely individually hand-crafted in our studio.

Sterling Silver complete with Sterling Silver chain.

14KT Solid Yellow Gold complete with gold-filled chain.

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