Haida Carved Fossil Ivory Frog Amulet Sold!

Haida Carved Fossil Ivory Frog Amulet Sold!

Haida Carved Fossil Ivory Frog Amulet Sold!
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Fossil Walrus Ivory - $87.50
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"When you're stuck in a spiral, to change all aspects of the spin you need only to change one thing."
Our Haida Frog Amulet is carved from Fossil Walrus Ivory. It will serve as a link between you and the spiritual and natural treasures that make your life full. For thousands of years the Haida Native American People have lived in the far west of British Columbia - especially on the large chain of Queen Charlotte Islands. The frog is their helper spirit. He has knowledge of both the land and the spirits and guards all the world's natural treasures, especially water. He brings the most valuable of all, the rain, when he sings his rain song. This exquisitely carved frog even has carved toes! He is 1/2 inch high. Wear him when you feel grateful for what the natural world has to offer, and on all those informal occasions when you need to smile.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

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Fossil Ivory Color Charts

Below are the available colors of our fossil ivories. Our high quality fossilized ivories have been reclaimed from the ground after sharing the earth for up to 30 millennia! Even after all this time, Fossil Ivory remains warm and sensuous organic ivory; it is not petrified. It has developed its beautiful colors by taking up minerals from the earth and these colors are impossible to match in any contemporary ivories by modern processes.

Fossil Ivory Color Chart Limited Availability Fossile Walrus Ivory Colors Fossil Walrus Bark Ivories
We have the largest selection of fossil ivories anywhere! Highest Quality - Handmade in our studio and satisfaction guaranteed Personalize most items at no extra charge! We can do commissioned pieces.
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