Custom  Letter Opener With Whole Sperm Whale Tooth Handle

Custom Letter Opener With Whole Sperm Whale Tooth Handle

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"There is a side of friendship that develops better and stronger by correspondence, than by contact...writing perhaps brings souls nearer."
Those of you who love to write and receive letters, cards, etc., will appreciate the beauty and utility of our heirloom Whale Tooth Letter Opener. The stainless blade is made with three laminations of steel - The center of the 2 3/4 inch long blade is a hard steel that will keep its sharp edge for a very long time. The sides of the blade are made from a slightly softer steel so that, when the blade ultimately needs sharpening, it will sharpen quickly and easily. The bolster is made from nickel silver.

A design similar to the sailors' knives you've seen in many maritime museums - The handle is made from a legal Sperm Whales tooth registered with Department of Commerce. The tooth measures approximately 4 1/2 inches around its outer edge. It will fit your hand perfectly.

Choose your hand-etched design from the designs shown below, or, as an additional option, have us etch a picture of your own boat or pet on this great knife. (Note that muzzle loaders love this period piece and actually use it as a patch knife.) We will also personalize your letter opener with your name, initials or your boat's name at no extra charge. Just imagine how much you will love using this nautical treasure and seeing how well it adorns your desk. Just email us at to begin the process of designing your own whole whale tooth letter opener. Of course, hand made in our studio.

Comes with soft zippered collector's storage pouch.

We have the largest selection of fossil ivories anywhere! Highest Quality - Handmade in our studio and satisfaction guaranteed Personalize most items at no extra charge! We can do commissioned pieces.
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