Chukchi Warrior-Woman's Amulet  With Opal

Chukchi Warrior-Woman's Amulet With Opal

Chukchi Warrior-Woman's Amulet With Opal
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"The English never smash in a face. Thedy merely refrain from asking it to dinner."
This intriguing Amulet is inspired by an amulet found in a dig at a 1500 year old site It belonged to a Chukchi warrior-woman who was laid to rest with her bow, quiver of arrows and bejewelled knives.

The northern Siberian Coast is the home of the peoples of the Chukchi Territories, a people who have had to defend their way of life against many marauding peoples, both from the west and south. These fierce fighters, both men and women, trained constantly for war. The people of Chukotka were the only native people in the Russian Empire who were not subjected by the Russians through war.

Both front and back of the two-tone Fossil Walrus Ivory are visible below the beautiful deep blue/green opal. The Sterling Silver bail allows the Fossil walrus Ivory to swing.

A provocative Amulet probably designed as powerful protection against enemy warriors. 1 3/8 inches high, 3/8 inch wide.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

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