Camillus Your Grandma's 2-Blade Light Duty Jacknife - Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Scales 3" Closed

Camillus Your Grandma's 2-Blade Light Duty Jacknife - Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Scales 3" Closed

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Product Description

Collectors! In February 2007, Camillus Knives, in business in New York since 1876, went out of business. This is an instant collector's item! We have only a few.

"I'm a flower, poa, a flower opening and reaching for the sun. You are the sun, grandma, you are the sun in my life."
Camillus is America's oldest knifemaker - All their knives are still made in Camillus, N.Y. They stopped making these little gems a few years ago, and we were able to get the last few of these wonderful old fashioned ladies' jacknives. This is the knife your grandma carried. It's small enough to fit unobtrusively in your purse or your jeans (even small enough to take on an airplane!). It is a light duty knife that will do most of the things a woman might need it for: cutting fruit, string, yarn, even light whittling. The two blades are stainless steel for easy care. The larger clip blade is 2 1/4 inches long, and the smaller pen blade is 1 5/8 inches long. The blades are thinner than Grandpa's blades, so that they can be sharper. 2 3/4 inches closed. 3/8 inch thick. Brass bolsters and brass liner help make this a great looking knife!

Got a daughter or granddaughter? This is just the knife to give as a gift to start your own new tradition. Especially so because we will personalize it with a name or initials at no extra cost! Also included in this great price is your choice of scrimshaw design from our options below.

This instant heirloom knife is available with your choice of Fossil Ivory scales.

Shown with Sperm Whale Ivory.

Don't be disappointed. We have only a few of these great knives.

As an option, we will scrimshaw an etching of a ship of your choice, or your own boat (sail or power)on one side - Just email or snailmail us a picture.

Please note: scrimshaw theme and personalizations not available on Dark Brown Mammoth Ivory.

Scrimshaw Etching Options

These are our regular Scrimshaw Design Etchings. In addition to these designs, as an added option, you may send us a picture of your choice for a commission price quote.

Etching Options

Fossil Ivory Color Charts

Below are the available colors of our fossil ivories. Our high quality fossilized ivories have been reclaimed from the ground after sharing the earth for up to 30 millennia! Even after all this time, Fossil Ivory remains warm and sensuous organic ivory; it is not petrified. It has developed its beautiful colors by taking up minerals from the earth and these colors are impossible to match in any contemporary ivories by modern processes.

Fossil Ivory Color Chart Limited Availability Fossile Walrus Ivory Colors Fossil Walrus Bark Ivories
We have the largest selection of fossil ivories anywhere! Highest Quality - Handmade in our studio and satisfaction guaranteed Personalize most items at no extra charge! We can do commissioned pieces.
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