Ancient Koryak Fireboard Talisman  Walrus Ivories With Opals

Ancient Koryak Fireboard Talisman Walrus Ivories With Opals

Ancient Koryak Fireboard Talisman Walrus Ivories With Opals
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"There is much wisdom that can be learned before a peat fire."
The Koryak have inhabited the northern portions of the Kamchatka Peninsula of Northeastern Siberia for at least 20000 years. Because this peninsula separates the Sea of Okhotsk from the Bering Sea, it was natural for the Koryak to become a primarily maritime culture. Through maritime contact, much of their culture influenced the Native American cultures of Southeastern Alaska and Northwestern Canada.

Maritime Koryak families sat bundled up in furs every winter night, in the light of blubber lamps inside their winter houses. The Koryak house was a haven from evil spirits, which they protected themselves against by many amulets and talismans, including the anthropomorphic fireboard.

The fireboard was used as a base, against which a spindle was quickly turned to produce heat that lit dried grass to start the family fire. The family fire was a powerful family protector, and its essential fireboard was a powerful talisman to protect and increase the family's livlihood.

Our Sacred Koryak Fireboard is patterned after one such fieboard, as well as a carved figure found in an Old Bering Sea (100 BC-200AD) Okvik site on St. Lawrence Island. It contains four different colored ivories, including rare jet black. The fireboard depressions made by a spindle have been simulated by two bright opals. All ivories are set on a full back of Brazillian rosewood.

An altogether interesting Talisman that will create interest wherever it is worn.

1 5/8 inch high, 1/2 inch wide.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.

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