Aleut Spirit Dance Earrings II Amber and Lapis $32.50

Aleut Spirit Dance Earrings II Amber and Lapis $32.50

Aleut Spirit Dance Earrings II Amber and Lapis $32.50
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The Aleuts have lived on the Aleutian Islands for over 12,000 years. This group of islands stretches 1300 miles west from Alaska almost to the Kamchatka Peninsula. They subsisted on salmon, seals and sea otters.

The Aleuts were the first Native Americans the Russians came in contact with in 1740. Later, before the United States bought Alaska, the Aleuts were considered citizens of the Russian Empire.

Our Aleut Spirit Dance Earring II are designed after a pair of earrings found in a dig on Atka Island (while trying to get to Amchitka Island to see the damage caused by U.S. underground nuclear tests there in the 1960'S.)

A 1 inch naturally-shaped slab of veined yellow amber (with bark) is hung from a Sterling Silver ear hoop, and flanked by four irregularly-shaped beads of lapis. The transparent amber (probably traded from Siberia) shimmers - even when you are not moving! 1 1/2 inch high, 1/2 inch wide.

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