Aleut-Russian Pin/ Pendant

Aleut-Russian Pin/ Pendant

Aleut-Russian Pin/ Pendant
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Sterling Silver - $184.50
14 KT Solid Yellow Gold - $634.50

"There are no words to express the feelings that induce a sailor to offer fervent prayers when he sees this mark of sympathy expressed by his fellow men. Suddenly he sees that he is no longer alone in the middle of the ocean waves; he sees that people are caring for him with paternal solicitude."
On a trip to the Aleutians in 1994, we were taken to the home of an elderly Aleut man who showed us some of the treasures that his family had collected and kept safe over last few centuries. His eyes flashed with recollections as he pulled each from a large hand carved wooden box. Fetishes, totems, amulets, talismans, harpoon sockets and masks all testified to the 10,000 years his people had lived on the island. Last of all, he pulled from the box a lovely Russian brooch. The setting was exquisitely hand worked in 14 KT gold. A twisted gold oval rope enclosed a beautiful cameo, and the gold back (insert) showed even more beautifully sawn, pierced and textured metal than the front. (Back of 1 inch long combination Pin/Pendant is solid.) He whispered "Voznesenskii. "At the time I wasn't very knowlegeable about Russo-Alaskan history, but there was no denying that the brooch was antique and very valuable. Later we found that "Voznesenskii" was probably I.G. Voznesenskii, a Russian explorer sent to collect Aleutian artifacts in 1839. I expect that it was given in trade for something extremely valuable. I asked if we could take a picture, and he said "Yes." Based on that picture, we have created our antique Aleut-Russo Pin/Pendant combination.

1.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. We designed it in both Sterling Silver and 14 KT solid Yellow Gold. For added convenience, each piece can be worn as either a pin or a pendant. A handmade scrimshaw etching on our special Fossil Ivory completes the piece, or choose one of our special Ivories with no scrimshaw. You'll love this piece! Shown with Light Cream Fossil Mammoth Ivory with a full rigged ship.

Sterling Silver Complete with Sterling Silver chain. 14KT solid Gold complete with gold-filled chain.

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