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"I received my package today, and I must say, I am so very pleased! Your work is so admirable, I am having difficulty transforming my feelings into words. My family and I will treasure these pieces for generations." MT

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Many of our jewelry designs are available in 14 KT solid gold. They are orderable only by Special Order. Please call us at 240 997 0264, or email us for availability..

It takes a lot of work to stay 200 years behind the times! Each piece is exquisitely etched by hand (no machine etching) and personalized for you in our studio by our only scrimshander M. M. Cohen, who has been producing museum-quality scrimshaw since 1968. (and check out our low prices!) Each piece is handmade in our studio and signed. Marvin is widely recognized as one of America's leading scrimshanders, as well as a creative designer specializing in custom and semi-custom knifemaking, jewelry wearables and objects that illustrate traditional Arctic region Native American tales and myths, reinterpret ancient shamanistic images, and translate the spiritual aspects of earth, water and sky into meaningful and personal contemporary wearables. His wearable pieces combine strong images with powerful mythology; his etchings reflect authentic traditional nautica and eloquent portraiture.
We have the largest selection of fossil ivories anywhere! Highest Quality - Handmade in our studio and satisfaction guaranteed Personalize most items at no extra charge! We can do commissioned pieces.
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