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Arrowhead Amulet
Fossil Ivory

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Sterling Silver - $75.00
14 KT Gold - $270.00

"Everything nourishes what is strong already." Jane Austen

Most Native American peoples look upon the arrowhead as a very powerful amulet. This was especially true in the Yupik peoples of the Koskokwim Delta region of Alaska. In the Yupik tradition it was supposed to produce confidence, generate energy and serve as protection. Our Yupik Arrowhead Amulet is designed after an amulet brought back from a delta region shaman by Nelson in the late 1800's. The Fossil Walrus Ivory that was found in this piece was worked into a half-moon shape. We found some Fossil Walrus Ivory naturally similar in shape and created the amulet in the photo. (It is also available in other Fossil Ivories.) The Ivory is fully bezeled, and the arrowhead lets your skin or clothing show through. An attractive amulet, very powerful in its simplicity. 1 3/4 inch high, 7/8 inch wide. Complete with Sterling Silver chain.