About Us

Ancient Ivories Studios has been producing handmade Fossil Ivory wearables, knives and accessories since 1968, and has a broad, very satisfied base of repeat customers.

Each piece is handmade in our studio by our studio craftsman, Marvin M. Cohen. As always, each piece is signed. Marvin is widely recognized as one of America's leading scrimshanders, as well as a creative designer specializing in custom and semi-custom knifemaking, jewelry wearables and objects that illustrate traditional Bering Sea Native American tales and myths,reinterpret ancient shamanistic images, and translate the spiritual aspects of earth, water and sky into meaningful and personal contemporary wearables. His wearable pieces combine strong images with powerful mythology; his etchings reflect authentic traditional nautica and eloquent portraiture.

Made with Fossil Ivory, precious metals, exotic Damascus steels and many-layered Japanese mokume gane, his designs for knives, writing instruments and tableware translate everyday objects into strong and personally special works of art, that will be treasured during a lifetime of use, and handed down as precious heirlooms to future generations.

A number of his works can be found in museums such as the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, Sag Harbor, New York, and the Nantucket Historical Society, Nantucket, Mass. Many of his works are represented in private, governmental and corporate collections in Europe, Japan and Australia, as well as in numerous private collections within the U.S.

His works have been shown in prestigious galleries such as the Aries East Gallery, Brewster, Cape Cod, The American Spirit Gallery in the Watergate, Washington, D.C., and the Capricorn Gallery in Bethesda, Md., (as well as many others).

Marvin is a juried and exhibiting member of both the Michigan Guild of Craftsmen, and the the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He is a member of the International Ivory Society, teaches scrimshaw, ivory carving, gold- and silversmithing and knifemaking.

Our jewelry is dedicated to the design and reinterpretation of ancient spiritual images for the modern context, to enable you to share in the pleasures of wearing these enduring works of art.

Our fossil ivory knives, both custom and semi-custom, are classically designed and allow you to choose your own personalization.

Our desk and table accessory designs are unique, copyrighted, and quickly become cherished heirlooms.

Ancient Ivories Studios has chosen Fossil Ivories as its exclusive medium because only ivory, amongst all of natures materials is changed by the personal chemistry of the wearer, and retains the wearer's imprint. It has been recognized as the most personally significant material since the dawn of time.

Our Customer Privacy Policy

Ancient Ivories Studios is an American Hand Craft Studio. Our craftsman Marvin Cohen has been a craftsman since 1968. We do not sell, share, rent, or otherwise disclose any information about our customers to any organization, or individual. We do not collect any electronic information regarding our site visitors. Customers' names and addresses are locked and available only to Ancient Ivories Studios.

Please bookmark our site. We add new designs frequently.

None of our Ivory is contemporary, and not a single animal has been killed, culled, or otherwise harmed to produce our Fossil Ivories. It is the only perfect, ecologically sound, humane way to own and wear warm, wonderful and enduring ivory.

We Use No Elephant Ivory, Nor Contemporary Ivories of Any Kind.
Every piece of Sperm Whale Ivory we sell, is registered with the Department of Commerce, and comes with a Department of Commerce registration number.

Don't see exactly what you want? We also do commission pieces. Need a really special holiday or other gift? From jewelry, knives, fountain pens, corkscrews, pistol grips, pens and pencils, desk accessories to whole Sperm Whale Teeth - We will handcraft and even personalize any piece with a scrimshawed name, initials or design of your choice.(Our website is not large enough to show all of the different pieces we make to order!) Just email us at aistudios@comcast.net and let us know your needs!