Classic Fossil Ivory Cuff Bracelet

Classic Fossil Ivory
Cuff Bracelet

Classic Fossil Ivory Cuff Bracelet
<b><i>Classic</i> Fossil Ivory Cuff  Bracelet</b>
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Product Description

Sterling Silver - $289.50

"Let there be many windows to your soul...That shine from countless sources," Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Three pieces of Fossil Ivory set in Sterling Silver set off the enduring classic lines of this cuff bracelet. Perfect for casual or formal wear. You will never want to take it off! 1/2 inch wide at top. Because of its natural vertical dark stripes, the central piece of Fossil Ivory shown is called "Fossil Walrus Tiger Ivory." The end pieces shown are Medium Brown Fossil Mammoth Ivory.

Want to to know just how personal this bracelet can be? Since we handcraft every item, and this bracelet has 12 choices of Fossil Ivory type and color, there are over 6 billion (yes, billion) different ways for you to use your imagination to customize this bracelet! And the colors of the fossil ivories in this bracelet will subtley change and become very personal after many wearings. It will become another window to your soul.

Available in Sterling Silver.

Please note: Ancient Ivories Studios has only enough "Fossil Walrus Tiger Ivory' for a few bracelets. Don't be disappointed - order early!

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