Simple Tlingit Talisman

Simple Tlingit Talisman

Simple Tlingit Talisman
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Sterling Silver - $84.50

"The Indians of North America are, perhaps, the only race of men of whom it may be said, that though conquered,they were never enslaved. They could not submit, and live." C.M. Sedgwick

The proud Tlingits have been in southeastern Alaska for over 10,000 years. They are a people who live in the thin strip between the mountains and the sea, and take their living from the sea. As found, this 3500 year old Talisman was carved completely in Fossil Walrus Ivory. It represents the Tlingit long-canoe paddle and brought safety and luck while on the sea. We added Sterling Silver for the handle and three graduated spheres as its design. The Fossil Walrus Ivory blade has a center core of White Crystalline color, with a Dark Tan outer layer. Comes in your choice of Ivories. 1 1/4 inch high, 3/4 inch wide.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.