Sun Dog Talisman
Retired Design TRA

Retired Design TRA
Sun Dog Talisman
Sterling Silver
Fossil Walrus Ivory

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Sterling Silver - $59.50

"I was born by the sea, and I have noticed that all of the great events of my life have taken place by the sea. My first idea of movement, of the dance, certainly came from the rhythm of the waves." Isadora Duncan

Many of our pieces are limited editions of from 1 to 250. When the time comes and most have been sold, we retire a design. This fully backed and fully bezeled sterling silver pendant with Celtic bail is a one-of-a-kind design. It is an irregular outlined section of rayed Fossil Walrus Ivory fully bezeled and backed with Sterling Silver. 1 1/4 inch high. For sale at a discounted price.

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.