Classic Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Carved Scallop Shell

Fossil Ivory
Scallop Shell


Classic Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Carved Scallop Shell
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"Perhaps it does not matter very much what it is that one loves in this world; but love something one must." Katherine Mansfield

Why do we love the classic shape of the scallop shell?

It is because it represents the most loved of the seven muses - the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (Roman - Venus). Myth has it that Aphrodite was born out of the sea's foam and the castrated genitals of her father, Uranus. She floated, perched on a scallop shell, to Paphos on the island of Cyprus, where she became the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Aphrodite helps us learn about living in harmony, and is associated with the most emotional of the experiences of womanhood; she teaches how to be a sister, a daughter, a wife and lover. She helps you understand what it means to bear a child, experience passion and appreciate others. Her scallop shell symbol is a timeless representation of our capacity to love.

Our classic Fossil Ivory Carved Scallop Shell is, of course, completely handcrafted in our studio. 3/4 inch high, 3/4 inch wide. Shown with Fossil Walrus Ivory - Light. (Flat backed for durability.)

Complete with Sterling Silver or gold-filled chain.

All items chosen with Registered Sperm Whale Ivory will come with a Registration Certificate containing the Department of Commerce registration number. [Sperm Whale Ivory Shipped only to addresses in Maryland]

The traditional fourteenth wedding anniversary gift is Ivory! We're here to help!

Each piece is handmade in our studio and signed. Marvin Cohen is widely recognized as one of America's leading scrimshanders, as well as a creative designer specializing in custom and semi-custom knifemaking, jewelry wearables and objects that

  • illustrate traditional Arctic region Native American tales and myths,
  • reinterpret ancient shamanistic images, and
  • translate the spiritual aspects of earth, water and sky into meaningful and personal contemporary wearables.

We stand ready to scrimshaw anything you would like on any of our pieces - animals, ship's and family portraits, landscapes, nautical scenes, hunting scenes, etc. We do many special order commission pieces from blazer buttons, knitting needles (knitters take note!), fountain pens, corkscrews, pistol grips, ball point pens and mechanical pencils, desk accessories, Fossil Ivory ship models, ship half hulls, Nantucket and Lightship Baskets, to custom whole Sperm Whale Teeth or whole Walrus Tusks. We also handcraft fossil ivory sailing/nautical trophies to order. We can personalize any piece with a scrimshawed name and initials at no extra charge. (Email us with any queries. Just email us at and let us know your special order needs!

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The available colors of our high quality Fossilized Ivories are shown below. Please allow for some color variation in these natural materials. Our Rare Blue Fossil Walrus Ivory may have streaks of white, pink, brown or gray. Our natural wonderful Ivories have been reclaimed from the ground after sharing the earth for up to 30 millennia! Even after all this time, Fossil Ivory remains warm and sensuous organic ivory; it is not petrified. It has developed many of its beautiful colors by taking up minerals from the ground. In time, the Fossil Ivories you wear or use will take on very personal hues from your contact. They will become a part of you.

Fossil Ivory Colors

Fossil Ivory Colors Please Note: Since these colors are rare, some are not always available for every item. Please see each item for available color choices.

Fossil Ivory Colors

These are our scrimshaw Design Etchings. In addition to these designs, as an added option, you may send us a picture of your choice for a commission price quote.
Scrimshaw Design Options

Looking for thoughtful and interesting gifts? Know someone who absolutely loves his boat? Let us hand etch it's portrait, along with name and hull number - and the name of the captain - on one of our knives, pendants, money clips, or any of our other pieces!

Ancient Ivories Studios handcrafted items make sensational and warmly personalized gifts that will be treasured and enjoyed.

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Please bookmark our site. We add new designs and items periodically.

None of our Ivory is contemporary, and not a single animal has been killed, culled, or otherwise harmed to produce our Fossil Ivories. It is the only perfect, ecologically sound, humane way to own and wear warm, wonderful and enduring ivory.

We Use No Elephant Ivory, Nor Contemporary Ivories of Any Kind.
Every piece of Sperm Whale Ivory we sell, is registered with the Department of Commerce, and comes with a Department of Commerce registration number.[Our license does not allow us to ship Sperm Whale Ivory outside of Maryland.]

We have many more fine knives in our studio that are not on our website. Email us for availability of your favorite knife with Fossil Ivory handles! (We also replace scales on treasured old knives.)


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Most of our pieces are unique treasures created especially for the prospective wearer. Want to help us design your scrimshaw piece? Whether it's a fossil ivory Amulet or Talisman, Scrimshaw jewelry, personalized scrimshaw knives, Fossil Ivory Wedding or Commitment Band, Pendants, Brooches, scrimshaw sailor's Knife, Sterling Silver and scrimshaw Box, Scrimshaw Sperm Whale's Tooth, or Sterling Silver and Ivory scrimshaw Spoons and Tableware, just email us and we will work with you for a very personal piece you'll love to use or wear!

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