Haida Hawk
Cuff Bracelet
Fossil Ivory

Handcrafted Scrimshaw
Haida Hawk
Sterling Silver
Cuff Bracelet
Fossil Walrus Ivory

ScrimshawHaida HawkCuff BraceletWith Fossil Ivory
<b>Scrimshaw<br><i>Haida Hawk</i><br>Cuff Bracelet<br>With <br>Fossil Ivory</b>
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Handcrafted Sterling Silver $290.00

"The test of a true myth is that each time you return to it, new insights and interpretations arise." Starhawk

The Haida lived primarily by fishing for halibut and cod, which were abundant off the Queen Charlotte Islands in the Gulf of Alaska where they lived for many centuries. In the early 1700's a large number of Haida moved to Prince of Wales Island, a part of Alaska. Their totem poles and houses bore crests that proclaimed their lineage.

Some of those who were of the raven clan placed great value on the hawk, which, along with the flicker and horned owl, was part of the raven clan, and is an important part of the Haida sprit world. It is always shown with its beak curving down almost to its lip. Although, as in Haida crests, I have split the hawk's head down the back, I chose to turn the heads outward from one another, rather than to have them face each other. This outward-facing design was also found in only one other crest unearthed in the 19th century.

The striking scrimshaw design is done in reds, blacks and yellow. This bold sterling silver and Fossil Walrus Ivory bracelet was, of course, handcrafted in our studio. The ends are wrapped with sterling wire to simulate cedar wrap, and twisted rope bezel sets are used to simulate rope fastenings. We added wide filigree within the sides to set off the hawk crest with a contemporary look.

Please note: this is a one-of-a-kind piece. Don't be disappointed - order early!

This is a large bracelet, please measure completely around your wrist to determine if it will fit. It is made to fit a wrist 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches around. 3/4 inch wide at top.