Sperm Whale
"People Watch"

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Ancient Ivories Studios

A very Rare Scrimshawed Sperm Whale's Tooth with a comic theme! This wonderful Sperm Whale's tooth is scrimshawed on one side with a scene in very light color. It shows a Sperm Whale (in a baseball cap), handling the outboard engine of a "people watch" trip to the shore. Passengers are a Humpback lady whale and a young Sperm Whale (wearing his baseball cap backwards!). All are in the motorboat 'Free Willy.' [The passengers paid 10 krill for the ride.] They are watching humans hanging clothing out on a clothesline, driving a car, fishing, mowing a lawn and flying a plane. They are also getting a good view of the town and its road. [Just click on the picture for a larger view.] The back of the tooth is left natural so you can feel what it was like in its original state. This tooth is 4 3/8 inches around the curve and 1 3/4 inches wide at the base. This is a legal tooth, registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce as #21-231-0013. It weighs 87.7 grams. As an option choose a Sterling Silver stand that allows you to pick up and replace this novel collector's item. The "People Watch" tooth is a 'must have' for any scrimshaw collector - and a great gift!

A most unique and rare comic piece, signed, of course by leading American scrimshander M. M. Cohen.