Wolf Spirit
Hand Carved

Wolf Spirit
Hand Carved Amulet
Fossil Ivory

Wolf SpiritHand CarvedAmulet
Fossil Ivory:
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Sterling Silver $85.00
14 KT Solid Gold $305.00

"The things we want to kill in the wolf -freedom, unpredictability - are the things we...recognize that we as a people have lost."
Renee Askins

All Native American peoples have viewed wolves as very strong spirits. A wolf ["Amaguk" ]is both substance and mystical at once. He displays many of the characteristics that are necessary for man, himself, to endure. A wolf is not only a strong, untiring, courageous and social hunter (protecting his territory and hunting much the same prey as do Native Americans), but he also shows a need to live and play in packs (which are, themselves, very much like tribes) with leaders, strict social rules, etc.

For most Native Americans, who strive to be personally strong, even while subjugating personal feelings for the greater good of the tribe, the wolf was a model to be revered. Native Americans of southeastern Alaska, such as the Tlinglit, Tsimshian and Haida, believe that the wolf is the spirit of one of their clans, that every member of their Wolf Clans were related through the spirit of the wolf (though they are of different tribes), and that the wolf spirit personally assists every member of the clan.

Our Wolf Amulet is a personification of the wolf for your more modern context. Beautifully carved in three dimensions, the wolf's face projects 3/8 inch in front of the bezel (see photo). 7/8 inch long and 1/2 inch wide, this Amulet is fully bezeled and backed with Sterling Silver (or 14KT solid gold, if you prefer). Our Wolf Amulet brings both the substance and spirit of the wolf to assist you in your life - Be both strong and social.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.