Contemporary Silver Talisman With Mammoth Ivory Inlay
Reversible! With Whale Tail!

Triangular Pendant
Inlayed With Mammoth Ivory
Whale's Tail!

Contemporary Silver Talisman With Mammoth Ivory InlayReversible! With Whale Tail!
<b>Contemporary Silver Talisman With Mammoth Ivory Inlay<br><font color ="#0000FF">Reversible! With Whale Tail!</font></b>
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Product Description

Sterling Silver

"Revolution is the festival of the oppressed." Germaine Greer

Our Contemporary Sterling Silver Amulet has clean and spare triangular and circular lines. On one side is a round inlay of medium tan fossil mammoth ivory (and nothing else). And, on the reverse side (please see inset) in relief,is a detailed classical whale's tail. Wear it either way to suit your mood! A provocative amulet that will complement any formal party or informal afternoon.
1 5/8 inches on a side.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.