High Country
Fossil Ivories

High Country
Fossil Ivories

High CountryFossil IvoriesPendant
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Sterling Silver - $85.00
14KT Solid Gold - $380.00

"My help is in the mountain, where I take myself to heal the earthly wounds that people give to me." Nancy Wood

Whether you are a climber, backpacker or day hiker, you know the feeling you get seeing a mountain just far enough away to become a one of your goals. You want to belong to the mountain, to merge with it - So you set your sights towards it and prepare to ascend as far as your time permits. Even before you reach the treeline, outcroppings become more numerous, offering you a chance for grateful rest. The individual boulders of these outcroppings become more rectilinear the higher you go, and each can either be a waystation to the summit, or a stopping point from which you can look either up or down and steep yourself in your accomplishment... These are the feelings we have tried to convey in the design of our High Country Fossil Ivories Pendant.

Interesting and very different rectilinear pieces of Fossil Mammoth and Walrus ivories are arranged to remind you of a high country outcropping. Each piece is individually designed to be uniquely different in its colors and ivories from all the rest, so yours will be yours alone! [All the colors, from white to dark brown, including the striped Fossil Mammoth are, of course, naturally occurring!] You will know the minute you see this Pendant that it brings back the thrill you had standing on a high country outcropping. Fully backed and bezeled. (Even in 14KT!)
1 1/4 inch high, 5/8 inch wide.
PS: As a special treat for the wearer, the back of this Pendant is hand chased with a view of a mountain!

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.