Tlingit Soul Catcher

Tlingit Soul Catcher
Hand Carved from Fossil Ivory

Tlingit Soul Catcher
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Sterling Silver - $189.50

"For what is man's souls but a flame? It flickers in and around the body of a man as does the flame around the rough log." Selma Logerlof

The Tlingits of southeastern Alaska believed that a person's soul departed his body each night during sleep; illness occurred whenever the soul could not find its way back. To effect a cure for many illnesses, the Tlingit shamans would wave a "Soul Catcher" in the air outside of the ill person's hut. The soul would be snared by the two carved and scrimshawed spirit heads on either side of the Soul Catcher, and be trapped within its hollowed core. The shaman would then cork up the open ends, and place the now-filled Soul Catcher on the chest of the ill person. The soul would be released, and the person would get well. 1 3/4 inches wide.

Complete with Sterling Silver Peg and chain.