Sperm Whales Tooth "Ice Ship Bear"

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Ancient Ivories Studios

Registered - U.S. Department of Commerce # 2100080

This superb Sperm Whale's Tooth measures 8 1/4 inches around the convex side from tip-to-base, 2 1/4 inches wide, and is beautifully curved. On one side is depicted a portrait of the "Ice Ship Bear," the very Department of Revenue ship that brought the law to Alaska and the Bering Sea in the late 1800's.
On the other side is a portrait of her second captain - Mike Healy - son of a freed slave woman and an Irish immigrant. He was the only law on the seas in this region for many years. The tooth is done in black and very light blues. Around the base is a Celtic banner. (The ship was built in Scotland.)

A museum quality piece for the discriminating collector.

Shown in the inset is the tooth displayed in its completey handcrafted sterling silver stand, which is included in the price. Yes, that is a Sterling Silver mermaid at the junction of the two crosspieces!

This unique piece is sold.