Gallery Display
"Ancient Films Vikings"
18 Inch
Walrus Tusk Display Piece

Ancient Ivories Studios
This is a guaranteed real fossilized walrus tusk. It is 18 inches long.

This is a whole fossilized walrus tusk display piece etched and set on a removable walnut stand. It is a display piece meant to exhibit the main features of Ancient Films' new film in production.

The tusk shows Yggdrasil, the viking tree of life, an eternal green Ash tree. Also shown are portraits of the principals of Ancient Films as vikings, and a Norse ship. A wolf and raven, both central to Norse mythology is also shown, as is the logo of Ancient Films.

The tusk is set on a removable walnut stand for easy viewing.

Email us to start a design for a walrus tusk display piece for your own purposes.