Available only within the state of Maryland!
"Ship Alice Hard Ashore - 1909"
Scrimshawed Whales Tooth
Sterling Silver

Hard Ashore


Sterling Silver

Available only within the state of Maryland!"Ship Alice Hard Ashore - 1909"Scrimshawed Whales ToothWIthSterling SilverStand
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Product Description

This is a guaranteed real Sperm Whale tooth that is registered with the Department of Commerce as number 21-231-0002. It weighs 83 grams.

Sold and shipped only to addresses in Maryland.

This is a classically-curved vertical Sperm Whale's tooth that measures 4 3/4 inches long around its curve, and 1 1/2 inch wide at its base. The tooth is polished only on the front side - the back is left unpolished and natural for added interest.

The tooth is carefully etched in light color with the final grounding of the French ship "Alice".

The "Alice" was built in Bordeaux, France in 1901, as one of a fleet of "bounty" vessels, supposed to upgrade France's merchant shipping position. She ran hard ashore at near Ocean Park, Washington, on the Long Beach Peninsula (just north of the Columbia River Bars) on January 15, 1909, after a long journey from London. The steel ship had been fighting bad weather and was pushed into the breakers, hitting land. The entire crew left the boat and made it safely ashore. The ship can still be seen at very low tide to this day, since it was sucked deeply into the sand by the three thousand tons of cement it carried.

The tooth sits on a stand handmade in our studio especially for this tooth. The stand holds the tooth loosely by a collar near the top, allowing the tooth to be removed for close viewing and then replaced. The stand rises from four nautical sterling silver "whale Tail" legs.

This Sperm Whale's tooth is signed by M.M. Cohen.
A classical tooth that would make an appreciated gift!

A unique piece - Of course, only one is available and it comes with its own Registration Certificate!