Sperm Whale Tooth "Barkentine
William G. Irwin"

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Ancient Ivories Studios

This lovely Sperm Whale's tooth is scrimshawed on both sides. The front shows a portrait of the barkentine William G. Irwin, built in 1881. On the back is scrimshawed the name of the ship (Click on insert). Around the base of the tooth is scrimshawed a 'never ending' rope. This tooth is done in black ink with some very light color. It is 3 1/2 inches long and 1 5/8 inches wide at the base. This is a legal tooth, registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce as #21-213-0001. The "William G. Irwin" tooth will make a wonderful addition to any scrimshaw collection - and a great gift!

A unique piece - Of course, only one is available.

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Please note that, to comply with federal regulations, our scrimshawed Sperm Whale teeth may be shipped only within the United States.

We Use No Contemporary Ivories of Any Kind.
Every piece of Sperm Whale Ivory we sell, is registered with the Department of Commerce, and comes with a Department of Commerce registration number.

A scrimshawed Sperm Whale's tooth has long been prized as the ultimate American heirloom nautical gift. There is a very limited supply of legal teeth, and this supply is diminishing rapidly.

We have a number of unetched Sperm Whales' Teeth available for commission that await your ideas. We can scrimshaw any design, including your own boat, or any class boat, power or sail. (Scrimshawed Sperm Whale teeth make magnificent nautical trophies.) We would be happy to add your name and the name of the boat as well.

We also have legal pre-1972 Walrus Tusks available for commission. We will scrimshaw or carve practically any design, animals, nature, etc. - And, we also make cribbage boards to order!

Simply email us to start a dialogue, or snailmail us your request and we will return commission prices and pictures of raw teeth and tusks that are available for commission.

Don't see exactly what you want? We also do commission pieces. Need a really special holiday or other gift? From jewelry, knives, fountain pens, corkscrews, pistol grips, pens and pencils, desk accessories to whole Sperm Whale Teeth - We will handcraft and even personalize any piece with a scrimshawed name, initials or design of your choice.(Our website is not large enough to show all of the different pieces we make to order!) Just email us at and let us know your needs!