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Chaluka Talisman III
Fossil Walrus
With Amethyst

Chaluka Talisman III
Fossil Walrus


Chaluka Talisman IIIFossil WalrusWith Amethyst
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"Freedom works!."
Jeane I. Kirkpatrick

Some of the oldest habitation sites in the north are located on Umnak, one of the eastern Aleutian Islands. The people of the Unanga culture lived at the Chaluka Village site some 9000 years ago! Digging at a level of approximately 3000 years ago, we came up with many small pieces of jewelry ornaments. Among them was an irregular piece of fossil walrus ivory tied to an amethyst crystal - This piece must have had powerful significance to the person who put it together and wore it. We tried to recreate the power of our original find in a modern context. The result is our Chaluka Talisman III.

Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, with a simple bezel and full back, the naturally-rust-mineral-dyed Ivory sits above a bright purple amethyst gemstone. Two sterling Silver spheres complete the symmetry. 7/8 inch wide,1 1/2 inch high. This Talisman speaks to finding our way safely through the unknowns in life.

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.