12th Century Celtic Earrings III
Shimmering Opal Bead With Mammoth Ivory Bead

12th Century
Celtic Earrings III
Shimmering Opal Bead With Mammoth Ivory Bead
Sterling Silver


12th Century Celtic Earrings IIIShimmering Opal Bead With Mammoth Ivory Bead$79.50
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Northern European Viking history dates from about the 8th century. They were a fierce people who made the most of their large shallow draft longboats to sail long distances up the rivers of England and Europe to attack and plunder. They pillaged far and wide, and, as a result, carried off the adornment materials of many cultures, including Islamic, northern and southern European, as well as Mediterranean.

On a six week dig at Roskilde in Denmark, we came across a small hidden stash of Viking jewelry. Among the superb pieces we found were a number of Celtic earrings that incorporated beads made from mammoth ivory and, in addition, shimmering gemstone beads. We designed these earrings to emulate these colorful Celtic earrings. From a Sterling Silver post-and-sphere hangs a bright shimmering blue opal bead. Below that hangs a light-colored, 5 mm 15,000 year old Fossil Mammoth Ivory bead, separated by a small Sterling Silver beaded spacer. A simple pair of earrings that allows you to display a very colorful Celtic heritage.

Available in Sterling Silver French earwires.
1 ˝ inch high, 1/4 inch wide.