Pipe Smoker's Tool
Fossil Ivory

Pipe Smoker's Tool
Fossil Ivory and Stainless Steel


ScrimshawPipe Smoker's ToolFossil Ivory
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Product Description

"One of the reasons I became a writer: to be able to smoke in peace." Susanna Kaysen

Our Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Pipe Smoker's Tool is the perfect heirloom gift to yourself, or for any pipe smoker! It will be kept and treasured for decades to come.

This tool is made from all stainless steel. It has a tamper on its end. A long pointed reamer, as well as well as a scraper (serrated on one edge) both fold down and out of the way like knife blades.

3 1/2 inches long, 3/4 inch wide.

Choose your design from either a nautical theme or flowers at no extra cost, and personalize with up to three initials on back- also at no extra cost!

This pipe smoker's tool is perfect for any pocket, or as a desk item.

Shown with blue Fossil Walrus Ivory etched with a whale's tail. Comes with felt carrying pouch.