Northern Athapaskan Personal Power Earrings
Malachite and Mammoth Ivory

Northern Athapaskan
Personal Power
Malachite and
Mammoth Ivory


Northern Athapaskan Personal Power EarringsMalachite and Mammoth Ivory$32.50
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" not an end in itself, but is an instrument that must be used toward an end." Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

The Northern Athapascan Indians occupy an area of coniferous forests that lie in a belt just south of the true arctic region. This covers the drainage areas of the Yukon and Mackenzie Rivers. Winters are hard and long, and snowfall is much heavier than along the coast. Most of the year they spend in small bands, or nuclear family groups fishing (of primary importance, although they hunted moose, caribou and birds). Their clothing is heavily decorated with embroidery, beads, etc., to increase their personal power.

Personal power was the most vital element in religious life, and only those with the most personal power became Shamans, whose primary duties were to cure disease, bring game, predict the weather and foretell the future. The Shaman also helped maintain the balance between hunters and their animal spirit helpers.

Our Northern Athapaskan Personal Power Earrings are designed after a powerful Shaman's earrings unearthed in the Yukon River Delta. Twin small chunks of bright green "as found" malachite and two dark, graduated Fossil Mammoth beads.

Available in Sterling Silver French earwires or posts.
1 inch high, 1/4 inch wide.


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