Aleut Woman's Hunting Amulet Earrings
Lapis and Freshwater Pearl

Hunting Amulet
Lapis and Fresh Water Pearl


Aleut Woman's Hunting Amulet EarringsLapis and Freshwater Pearl$39.50
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Product Description

“Medicine people are truly citizens of two worlds, and those who continue to walk the path of medicine power learn to keep their balance in both the ordinary and the non-ordinary worlds.”
Paula Gunn Allen

The Aleuts have lived on the Aleutian Islands for over 12,000 years. This group of islands stretches 1300 miles west from Alaska almost to the Kamchatka Peninsula. They subsisted on salmon, seals and sea otters.

The Aleuts were the first Native Americans the Russians came in contact with in 1740. Later, before the United States bought Alaska, the Aleuts were considered citizens of the Russian Empire.

Our Aleut earrings are designed after a pair of earrings found in a dig of a settlement found near a beach with a reliable salmon run. Fresh water pearls were abundant.

Our Aleut earrings have a 3/8 inch dual-colored Fossil Walrus Ivory button framed in Sterling Silver. Below it dangles a Sterling Silver chain with three lapis beads and a fresh water pearl. (Note that the shimmer seen in abalone shell, pearls and in the fringes of weavings is considered a manifestation of the spiritual power of the garment or adornment.) Sterling Silver earwires. 2 1/2 inch high, ½ inch wide.