Fossil Ivory Tsimshian Carved Salmon Appreciation Amulet

Fossil Ivory
Carved Salmon Appreciation Amulet
With Sterling Silver Wrap


Fossil Ivory Tsimshian Carved Salmon Appreciation Amulet
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Product Description

“The cosmos is interesting rather than perfect, and everything is not part of some greater plan, nor is all necessarily under control.”

The Coast Tsimshian have lived in the area of Prince Rupert for 6000 years. They subsist mainly by fishing, and the salmon is the most important of their food sources

Many myths have sprung up around the their dependence on the salmon...According to the Tsimshian, fish and people share the same universal pool of souls. Schools of salmon are villages of people in another world. Salmon people migrate yearly from their father's house at the mouth of the river to their mother's house at the headwaters. In the form of fish, they are appropriate food for people, who reciprocate the favour in the next incarnation. Lack of respect could sever this soul exchange and result in human starvation.

Among the Tsimshian, a shaman, a man or woman, is endowed with special powers, e.g., healing the sick, or attracting salmon or game.

The Tsimshian believe that the powers of nature insist on a proper regard for all their creatures, a principle we should all embrace.

Our Salmon Appreciation Amulet is similar to those worn by Tsimshian people to show their repect for the yearly migration of the salmon, which brings them subsistence.

1 5/8 inches high and 1/2 inch wide, this Amulet is and intricately carved form of the salmon. A graceful piece made from Fossil Walrus Ivory with a Sterling Silver wrap. Included is a suede neck thong. Wear this piece and show your gratitude for what you have!