Trine Pendant

Trine Pendant
With Fossil Ivory

Trine PendantWithGemstone
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Sterling Silver - $89.50
14KT Solid Gold - $369.50

"I am sure that there is magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us." Frances Hodgson Burnett

There are times when each one of us thinks that she is leasing her soul to the corporation or bureaucracy. At these times it is helpful to have something beautiful that you truly love to wear, to remind you that there are some personal benefits to be had from working every day. Our Trine Pendant is one of these. It will get lingering glances. whether from others at an elegant gathering, or from yourself when you choose to spend an "alone day" wearing this old friend.

Since "3" and the trilogy has had great significance throughout recorded time, let our Trine Pendant help you remember the trilogy of your own daily life: love, work and play.

Your choice of gemstone: Amethyst - for calm personality, Garnet - for faithfulness, or Lapis - for self-confidence, Opal - Luck, Citrine - protection against evil. 1 5/8 inches long with FULL GOLD BACKING (no skimping here!). Shown in 14KT Solid Gold with Amethyst and Medium Tan/Dark Brown Transition Mammoth Ivory.

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.