Moon and Morning Star

Moon and Morning Star

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Fossil Ivory

Moon and Morning StarAmulet
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Product Description

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches on the soul." Emily Dickinson

The moon, unlike the sun, does not present the same face every day. It waxes, until it becomes a full, silver disk. Then, night by night, it shrinks to a curved sliver until it vanishes altogether. A few days later a slender new moon appears and begins to grow again. This has happened in endless cycles since the moon was born.

The moon's waxing and waning have made it a symbol of time, change, and repetitive cycles around the world: Farmers have always grown crops according to the phases of the moon (Above ground crops were sown during the waxing of the moon, and, when the moon was waning, it was time to sow root crops and trees.)

For thousands of years the moon and stars have been used by terrestrial travelers to guide them (Sailors navigate by the constellations and the sun).

Such a powerful symbol as the moon had to become the subject of myths from every civilization: Egyptian, Mesopotamian, African, Greek, Roman, or Native American. Radiating an air of mystery and magic, the moon is associated with love and often serves as a symbol of unattainable beauty.

The Morning Star is the brightest star on the horizon at dawn. It is an important spirit among most Native Americans: The Plains and Great Basin people honor it as a sign of courage and purity of spirit.

This year it finally seemed the right time for us to produce our Moon and Morning Star Amulet. In the northern hemisphere, our Moon and Morning Star Amulet represents the Waning (diminishing) crescent moon. In the southern hemisphere, it represents the Waxing (growing) crescent moon. The Morning Star remains constant.

Our Moon and Morning Star Amulet shows the benign face of the moon in either 14KT Solid Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver against a fully-bezeled Fossilized Ivory 5/8 inch disk in your choice of the ivory colors shown as options below. Shown in Sterling SIlver with a disk of Rare Blue Fossil Walrus Ivory.

A fascinating piece, and fun to wear!

Of course, hand-fabricated in our studio.

14KT Solid Yellow Gold complete with Gold-filled chain. Sterling Silver complete with Sterling Silver chain.