Simple Drop Amulet - Fossil Walrus Ivory
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Simple Drop Amulet

Fossil Walrus Ivory

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Simple Drop Amulet - Fossil Walrus IvorySALE20% OFF!!
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Product Description

"The path to simplicity is littered with complexities." Susan Ohanian

Our Simple Drop Amulet has taken up its rich brown, cream and rust colors from the minerals it had contact with during the 1500 years it was buried in the Aleutian Islands.

An unembellished 1 inch high, 3/4 inch wide simple drop shape. Many similar raindrop-shaped Simple Drop Amulets have been found at old sites in the always-rainy Aleutian Islands.

Our Simple Drop Amulet is hung from a very contemporary, high technology, 5-thin-strand non-allergenic stainless steel necklace. The Ancient Ivory of our Simple Drop Amulet is a striking contrast to the technology necessary to fabricate the modern necklace from which it hangs!

Wear it for all occasions! A one-of-a-kind piece!