Scrimshaw Double Filigree Pendant

Fossil Ivory
Filigree Pendant

Scrimshaw Double Filigree Pendant
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Sterling Silver - $60.00
14KT Solid Gold - $295.00

"Scientific progress makes moral progress a necessity; for if man's power is increased, the checks that restrain him from abusing it must be increased." Madame de Stael

This delicate victorian filigree pendant is a perennial favorite. This pendant simply, but eloquently speaks volumes about your good taste. 1 1/8 inches wide. Shown in 14KT Solid Gold and Medium Light Fossil Walrus Ivory, with Colorado Columbine scrimshaw etching.

Sterling Silver - Complete with 20-inch Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with 20-inch gold-filled chain.