Faceted Garnet

With Fossil Ivory
Faceted Garnet

Even Woman-Of-The-HearthTalismanWithFaceted Garnet
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Sterling Silver - $269.50
14KT Solid Yellow Gold - $749.50

A Limited Edition!

"You have gathered the many powers. You have clasped them now like necklaces unto your breast. Enheduanna

You'll feel your own power intensify when you slip on our elegant Even Woman-Of-The-Hearth Talisman. It is our modern interpretation of a large copper and Fossil Walrus Ivory Talisman worn by an ancient Even Shaman leader over 1000 years ago, and found in a dig on the shores of the Okhotsk Sea in 1980. [The Even were/are reindeer herders of eastern Siberia.] Her Talisman had the outline shape of the apron she wore, which symbolized the power of the woman-of-the-hearth to protect her home. We've kept our pictures of this Talisman for over 20 years, and have finally satisfied ourselves that we have a that design does the original justice!

We have interpreted this marvelous and powerful ancient Talisman by carefully constructing a new, somewhat more angular structure from your choice of Sterling Silver (replacing the copper) or 14KT Solid Yellow Gold, and adding a triangular faceted garnet [for protection and loving commitment] in the place of a bead. Each corner of the structure contains a small Sterling Silver (or 14KT Solid Yellow Gold) sphere, representing the four corners of the home. The setting structure rises elegantly above a six-sided piece of white and mocha Fossil Walrus Ivory. This Fossil Ivory shows a distinct sunrise ray pattern, and is similar to the piece unearthed at her seashore dwelling. We topped it all with the most graceful of curved bails. This Talisman will remind you of the power you have as woman-Of-The-Hearth - wherever you may be! 1 7/8 inches high, 7/8 inch wide.

This is a limited edition of 12 pieces.

Sterling Silver - complete with Sterling Silver chain. 14KT Solid Yellow Gold - complete with gold-filled chain.