Heirloom-Quality, Personalized Fossil Ivory Custom, Semi-custom Folders, Sheath Knives and Kitchen Cutlery

ScrimshawFossil IvoryWine OpenerWithFossil IvoryScales4 3/8" Closed Stainless steel!
PersonalizedOriginal Release Shacklelock!Myerchin Captain's ModelSailors'Rigging KnifewithMarlinspike Hand Engraved Bolsters Available!
VG10 Laminate Damascus High Carbon SteelCustom Kitchen CutleryProfessional Chef KnivesFossil Walrus Ivory Custom Handle Length6" or 8 3/16" Blade
World's Finest
Custom Kitchen Cutlery
Chef's Blades
VG10 Laminate 33 Layer Damascus High Carbon Steel

Choose From Two Blade Lengths
6 inch Blade - $420.00,
8 3/16 inch Blade - $530.00

Both With Customized Handle lengths
Mosaic Pins!
CaseScrimshawSmall2-BladeSaddlehornWithFossil IvoryScales3 1/2" Closed
Myerchin Shacklelock Captain's ModelCaptain's ModelSailors'Rigging KnifewithMarlinspike and Pocket Clip4 3/4 inch closedHand Engraved Bolsters Available!
VG10 Laminate Damascus High Carbon SteelCustom Kitchen CutlerySantoku KnifeWith Fossil Walrus Ivory Customized Handle Length7" Blade
Professional Santoku Knife
VG10 Laminate 33 Layer Damascus High Carbon Steel
7 Inch Blade
With Customized Handle lengths
Beautiful Mosaic Pins!
BrowningScrimshawGentleman'sorLady'sEtched BladeLockback3 " Closed
ScrimshawShackelock Crew Model MyerchinSailors'Rigging KnifewithMarlinspike3 3/4 inch closedHand EngravedBolsters Available!
LaguioleScrimshawFossil IvorySingle Blade FoldingKnife4 3/4" Closed
With Zippered Collector's Pouch
Hen and RoosterHigh Carbon SteelScrimshawCarbon Steel4 BladeCongress Folder3 1/2 " Closed
Myerchin's Newest Generation 2German StainlessDouble Linerlock ModelSailors'Rigging KnifewithMarlinspike and Pocket ClipSerrated Blade4 3/4 inch closed
ColtFossil Ivory Desk Letter Opener with Folding 420 Stainless Steel Pen BladeStainless Bolsters
RemingtonScrimshaw UplandShotgunFolding Knife3 3/4" Closedwithfossil ivoryscales
MyerchinOffshore SystemFixed BladeSailors'Rigging KnifewithMarlinspikeFossil Ivory Handles
Hen and RoosterScrimshaw2-BladeCanoe Folder3 5/8" ClosedScrimshawFossil Ivory Handle
Custom Rare Blue Fossil Walrus Lockback With Turquoise Two Sizes: 3 " and 4" Closed
AntiqueWW IIBritish SEAL's SailorsRiggingKnifewithMarlinspike4" Closed
Scrimshaw Fossil Ivory Scales
ItalianVintageINOXMiniatureLockingSwitchbladeScrimshawFolder2" ClosedFossil Ivory
CamillusScrimshaw 3-Blade FolderFossil Ivory3 7/8" Closed
A. G. RussellScrimshawSailors'FoldingMarlinspikeRigging KnifeVG-10 Super Stainless
VG10 Laminate Damascus High Carbon SteelCustom Kitchen CutleryWorld's Finest Sreak KnifeSet of FourYour choice Handle Design4.5" Blade
World's Finest Custom Steak Knife
VG10 Laminate 33 Layer Damascus High Carbon Steel
4.5 Inch Blade

Set of Four $1050.00
With Customized Handle Your Choice:
Fossil Ivory, Gemstone, Exhibition-Grade Wood
With Mosaic Pin!
CustomFisherman'sPartially SerratedFilet KnifeWithFossil Walrus Ivory Handle
Rite EdgeHawkbill FolderFor Gardiners, Florists, ElectriciansWithFossil Ivory and Red Australian Padouk Wood3 7/8 inch Closed
CustomKitchen Cutlery440C Stainless SteelHollow Ground Chef's KnifeFossil Walrus Ivory Handle8" or 10" Blade
Random Pattern Damascus SteelBear MGCScrimshawMini Executive Lockback2 1/2" Closed
UticaGentleman'sCatskill Premium Stockman3-BladeWithFossil IvoryScale1095 stainlessands3 1/2" Closed
CustomKitchen CutleryAmerican Santoku8A Stainless SteelBocolo/African Blackwood and Fossil Walrus Ivory 6" Blade
CustomKitchen CutleryParing Knife8A Stainless SteelFossil Walrus Ivory Handle 3 1/2" Blade
Case X X Scrimshaw Sailors' Rigging Knife With Marlinspike
CaseScrimshawSingle BladeFoldingKnife WithScissors2 5/8" ClosedOut of Stock
VG10 Laminate Damascus Cobalt SteelCustomGentleman's Drop Point FolderWith Fossil Walrus IvoryChoose 3" or 4" Length Closed
PersonalizedCamillusSailor'sRiggingKnife With Marlinspike
William HenryScrimshawB-10-IGentleman'sB-10-I FolderCitrineGemstones3 3/4" Closed
With Matching Fossil Ivory Bead and Leather Thong
CustomFossil WalrusScrimshawDesk Letter Opener440C Stainless Steel
Rough RiderDaysailors' Folding Rigging Knife With Marlinspike Fossil Ivory
SchradeScrimshawMoney Clip FolderPen BladeFile, Scissors3" Closed
With Felt Carrying Pouch
CustomSterling SilverVictorianScrimshawLockbackWithFossil IvoryTwo Lengths3" and 4" Closed
SchradeScrimshawDaysailor'sMarlinspikeFolding KnifeWithFossil Ivory4 1/2" Closed
CustomScrimshaw Fossil Walrus Ivory and African Blackwood Skinner
Fossil IvoryScrimshawDesk Letter Opener with Folding Blade4XL0904 Stainless SteelBritish Style - No Bolsters
BuckCollectors'ScrimshawFoldingRiggingMarlinspike KnifeWithFossil Ivory 4 1/2" Closed
CustomAfrican Blackwood With Fossil Ivory BandsClassic Hunter
BuckScrimshaw2-Blade Pocket Knife2 5/8 " Closed
RaindropPatternCarbonDamascusSteelCase2-BladePeanut FolderScrimshawFossil Ivory2 7/8" Closed
RandomPatternCarbonDamascusSteelCase2-BladePeanut FolderScrimshawFossil Ivory2 7/8" Closed
Random Pattern Damascus SteelCase2-BladeTiny TrapperScrimshawWithFossil IvoryScales2 3/8" Closed
Random Pattern Damascus SteelBear MGCTrapperScrimshaw2-Blade3 1/2" Closed
W. R. Case and SonsFossil IvoryScrimshawSlimlockFolder3 1/2" Closed
CamillusLinerlockWith ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales2 3/4" Closed
High CarbonDamascusSteelWeidmannsheilScrimshawFossil IvorySmallToothpickFolder3" Closed
Galaxy Pattern Damascus SteelBoker MagnumScrimshawFossil IvoryGraceful Lockback3 1/4" Closed
CustomScrimshawSea HawkLockbackFolderWith Fossil IvoryScales3 5/8" Closed
Ocean Wave PatternDamascusSteelBoker MagnumLockbackFolderWith Hand-Engraved Bolsters!3 1/4" Closed
KershawNakamuraScrimshawFossil IvoryGentleman's FolderMokume GanePatternedBolstersWithfossil Ivory Scales3 3/4" Closed
Random Pattern Damascus SteelBear MGCScrimshawFossil IvoryDamascusLinerlock3 1/2" Closed
Random PatternSan MaiDamascusSteelR.R.Gentleman's LockbackWithDamascus BolstersFossil Ivory3 7/8" Closed Out of Stock
BuckSingle BladeScrimshawSlimlineLockbacksChoose From 4 Lengths
Ocean Wave PatternDamascusSteelBoker MagnumSeniorGentleman'sLinerlockFolder4" Closed
Bird's EyePatternCarbonDamascusSteelWeidmannsheil2-BladeMuskrat FolderFossil Ivory4" Closed
Boker Magnum Etched and Curved BolstersDrop PointFossil IvoryScales4 3/4" Closed
CaseFossil IvoryAmerican Horseman'sorHorsewoman'sFolding Knife4 1/8" Closed
SpiralPatternDamascusSteelCustomRareOosik Ivory LockbackFolder 4 1/4" Closed
Buck Folding HunterWith ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales4 7/8" Closed
Marttiini Heavy Duty Folder Made in Finland!With ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales4 7/8" Closed
Random Pattern Damascus SteelBear MGCScrimshaw LockbackFoldingKnives5 Inch Closed
SpiralPatternDamascusSteelBoker MagnumLockbackFolder5" Closed
CaseScrimshaw2-BladeSwayback GentWithWharncliff Blade3 1/8" Closed
BuckSmall Trapper2-BladeWith ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales2 1/2" Closed
CaseScrimshaw2-BladePeanut2 7/8" Closed
CaseYourGrandad's2-BladeMedium Duty Jacknife-ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales3 5/8" Closed
CamillusYourGrandma's2-BladeLight Duty Jacknife -ScrimshawFossil IvoryScales3" Closed
ThompsonScrimshawPipe Smoker's ToolFossil Ivory3 1/2" Closed
HenckelsorCaseScrimshaw2-BladeTrapperFolder4 1/8" ClosedSALE!20% OFF HENCKELS!!
BuckScrimshawStockman3-BladeWithFossil IvoryScales3 1/4" Closed
Bear MGCScrimshaw3 BladeStockman3 7/8 " Closed
Random Pattern Damascus SteelRemingtonScrimshaw2-BladeFolding Knife4 1/4" ClosedOut of Stock
Case4-BladeScout or CampKnifeWithFossil Ivory HandleChoose From Two Sizes
Case5-Blade Scout or Camp Knife With Pliers3 5/8 " Closed
Ladderback PatternDamascusSteelW. R. Case and SonsSlimlockLinerlockGentleman'sFolder3 1/2" ClosedSold Out!
ColtFossil Ivory ScrimshawDesk Letter Opener with 4XL0904 Stainless Steel Folding BladeChoice of Exotic Wood Front and Back Bolsters
William HenryScrimshawFossil IvoryT-10 Locking Folding Knife3 3/4" ClosedOut of Stock
Out of Stock
Custom Kitchen CutleryErgonomicChef's Utility Knife8A StainlessFossil IvoryPegs5 Inch Blade
CustomScrimshaw MermaidFossil WalrusScrimshawDesk Letter OpenerMosaic Pin440C Stainless SteelSALE!20% OFF!!
Custom Letter OpenerWith Whole Sperm Whale Tooth Handle
CustomFossil WalrusScrimshawBoot KnifeMosaic Pins440C Stainless Steel
CustomScrimshawNavalBoardingKnifeWith WholeSperm WhaleTooth Handle
CustomScrimshawCustomSailor'sDrop PointSheath KnifeWithMarlinspikeOut of Stock
Green RiverScrimshawHistoricSheath Knife
CustomSmall SkinnerBlue/Brown and Gray Fossil Walrus IvoryScales
Skinning Knife
Rare Blue/Brown/Gray
Fossil Walrus Ivory Scales
CustomIndian Short SkinnerGold-Veined TurquoiseAndFossil Walrus IvoryScales
CustomGuthook Skinner440C High Carbon/Chromium Stainless SteelScrimshaw Fossil Mammoth Ivory Handle 8 1/4" Overall
Guthook Skinner
440C High Carbon/Chromium Stainless Steel
Hollow Ground and Serrated
Fossil Mammoth Ivory and Kingwood Handle
Etched With Bighorn Sheep
8 1/4" Overall
CustomScrimshaw Kingwood and Fossil Walrus IvoryPerfect Hunter
CustomScrimshaw Fossil Walrus Ivory, Burgundy Rosewood and African Blackwood Skinner
Twist Pattern High-Carbon Damascus SteelCustomSmall SkinnerRare Oosik Ivory
Random Pattern Damascus SteelCustomLetter Opener
Random Pattern Damascus SteelCustomFossil MammothScrimshawModified Clip Blade Hunter
Random Pattern Damascus SteelBear MGCScrimshawFixed BladeBoy's or Ladies' Sheath KnifeDrop PointOrUpswept Blade
CustomEtchingonYourIvoryPistol Grips
Pistol Grips
Knife and Cutlery Accessories