Double Spirit Amulet

Fossil Ivory Double Spirit Amulet

Double Spirit Amulet
<b>Double Spirit Amulet</b>
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Product Description

Sterling Silver - $90.00
14KT Solid Gold - $370.00

"Spirit and body differ not essentially, but gradually." Anne Vicountess Conway

You'll feel truly elegant when you wear our lovely Double Spirit Amulet. Two pieces of Fossil Ivory representing spirit and body are separated by bubbling Sterling Silver or 14KT Solid Gold spheres. This Amulet always invites much interest from admiring people who will need to know what it represents, and what it means to you. 1 1/4 inch high, 1/2 inch wide.

Left picture shows Sterling Silver with Fossil mammoth on top and bark ivory on bottom.

The right picture shows our Double Spirit Amulet in 14KT solid yellow gold with very rare blue fossil walrus ivory on bottom and burl ivory on top.

Note: As a special treat for the wearer, the back of this Amulet is appliqued with three Sterling Silver nightime stars!

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.