Spirit Amulet
Fossil Ivory

Spirit Amulet
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Sterling Silver - $80.00
14KT Solid Gold - $280.00

"We have these instincts which defy all our wisdom and for which we never can frame any laws...They are powers which are imperfectly developed in this life, but one cannot help the thought that the mysteries of this world may be the commonplace of the next."Sarah Orne Jewett

Our Spirit Amulet is a powerful triad, which has been part of our history, mythology and religions since oral tradition began. Ancient Ivories Studios' Spirit Amulet represents our three essential human parts: body, soul and spirit. You'll feel as though it's easy to keep your own triad together when you wear this pendant. 1 inch high, 5/8 inch wide. Pendant has a rose embossed on its triangular bail. Shown with Grey Crystalline Fossil Walrus Ivory with Black Edges. Its power is in its simplicity.

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.