Smoking Coast
Amulet II

Smoking Coast
Amulet II
With Opal

Smoking Coast Amulet IIWithOpal
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Sterling Silver - $147.00

"Today it has blown knives and files; a cold, rasping savage day." Jane Welch Carlysle

Between the west coast of the Bering Sea and the east coast of the Sea of Okhosk, the Kamchatka Peninsula is breathtakingly beautiful in summer and almost unbearably rugged in winter. Part of the Pacific 'Ring of Fire,' this land is replete with 160 volcanoes (30 of them active), muddy cauldrons and fumeroles, hot springs and geysers. Crystal clear rivers run through it. The world's largest population of grizzly bears walk its fields, and half the world's population of Steller Eagles fly over the two mountain ranges that split it down the middle. It is wild, and it is rugged. Truly a land that encourages belief in the power of the spirits of earth, sky and waters. Their spirits lived in the rocks, waterfalls and ancient dwellings.

It is amidst this spiritual setting, in an excavation of the 3000-year old dwelling of a "Nunalik" ["Keeper of the Place" {Yupik language}], were found a number of Amulets and Talismans of Fossil Ivory and base metal. Our Smoking Coast Amulet II has been designed after one of the excavated prizes that reflected both the ruggedness and the beauty of the land. Only our process of reticulation (producing a rugged surface on sterling silver by melting the middle of a flat sheet, but not the surfaces) could reflect this rugged land. In juxtaposition, we placed one of our beautiful blue/green opals to show how beautiful are both the land and the heavens on this peninsula. (Each opal will have its own individual shape.) Three sterling silver spheres represent the tallest mountains. A mocha colored cross-section of Fossil Walrus Ivory with a ray pattern completes the scene. A unique and powerful amulet. 1 1/2 inches long, 3/4 inch wide. Shown in Sterling Silver.

Like this rugged land, the process of reticulation cannot be precisely controlled - Each piece will have a slightly different pattern of reticulation. Only 9 pieces available.

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.