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Shaman's Oystercatcher Amulet

Fossil Ivory

With Opal

TlingitFossil IvoryShaman's Oystercatcher AmuletWithOpal
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Fossil Walrus Ivory - $110.00

"Spirituality is basically our relationship with reality." Chandra Patel

The Oystercatcher, with its distinctive long red bill, is a bird that lives in the thin boundary between the forest and the the ocean. Because many Native American peoples of the northwest coast also spend their lives within that same boundary, the Oystercatcher was a sacred kindred spirit to Shamans, especially Tlingit Shamans.

Our Tlingit Shaman's Oystercatcher Amulet is designed closely from a Shaman's ivory amulet excavated from a site where an ancient Tlingit village stood. Its carving features, in addition to the Oystercatcher's red beak, a sparkling blue/green opal for its eye. The Oystercatcher's neck and wing emerge from a human form with bent knee. Above the wing is a stylized human face. All rest on a base which is a fish. These carvings signify that the human spirit is one with all the animals of the earth.

Our Oystercatcher Amulet is carved from Medium Light Fossil Walrus Ivory. It is 1 5/8 inches high, 3/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick. Comes with leather neck thong. This most interesting Amulet will inspire much interest wherever you wear it.

Of course, hand carved in our studio.