Bering Sea Yupik - Koskokwim Delta
Ceremonial Earrings
Turquoise and Mammoth Ivory

Bering Sea Yupik
Koskokwim Delta
Mammoth Ivory


Bering Sea Yupik - Koskokwim DeltaCeremonial EarringsTurquoise and Mammoth Ivory$39.50
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Product Description

“The supernatural is the only natural of which the laws are not yet understood.”
Agatha Christie

The Bering Sea peoples inhabit the entire coast of Alaska from Prince William Sound, west through Kotzebue Sound, and north past Mackenzie Bay in the Beaufort Sea. They are very widespread and many different Yupik cultures have developed.

Through trading they gained access to many materials, including blue and light and dark mammoth ivory, turquoise from Siberia, as well as abalone shell. (Note that the shimmer seen in abalone shell, pearls and in the fringes of weavings is considered a manifestation of the spiritual power of the garment or adornment.) These Bering Sea Yupik – Koskokwim Delta earrings are fashioned after a 400 year old set of earrings and amulet found in Prince William Sound.

In this embodiment we to replace the square of abalone shell with a fully backed and bezeled blue turquoise and dangle a large dark, 25,000 year old Fossil Mammoth Ivory bead. Sterling Silver lever-style earwire. A very classy set of modern earrings from the ancient Bering Sea. 1 inch high, 3/8 inch wide.