Sperm Whale's
"Maine Schooner"

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Ancient Ivories Studios

Department of Commerce
Registration Number 21-223-0002

This fine, very broad-based tooth is heavy (217.3 grams). The concave side of the tooth is etched with one of the almost-over-the-hill 1860's Maine gaff-rigged fishing schooners that ended their working careers transporting ice to the southern U.S. or granite from New England. It is very delicately etched in light color, with yellowing sails, brown hull, blue/green water - all enclosed in a light colored cartouche. The top of the masts overlap the cartouche, and the mizzenmast and headsail even extend beyond it. The tooth is 5 7/8 inches along the outer curve (5 inches top-to-bottom along a straight line). Its base is 2 3/16 inches across. This tooth is, of course, legally sold - It is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce as #21-223-0002. A handmade Sterling Silver base, made especially for this tooth, can be yours as an additional option, or choose the option of a wooden spindle base. A superb piece that will grace any collection.

A unique piece - Of course, only one is available.